AEA offers customized farmland investment strategies for direct farmland ownership to a variety of clients.

Family Offices &
High-Net-Worth Clients




Portfolio customization

AEA collaborates with each client to design an investment strategy that will build a farmland portfolio to meet the client’s objectives. Each farmland portfolio is owned directly by the investor under a separate account structure.

Client objectives in focus:


Target Investment Amount


Investment Time Horizon

  • Long-term: focused on wealth creation and transfer
  • Medium-term: combining income and capital appreciation
  • Short-term: “fix and flip” strategies benefiting from below market acquisitions


Crop or Regional Preferences

  • Conventional row crops
  • Organic and specialty crops, including organic conversion
  • Permanent crops
  • Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Delta, and Great Lake States


Asset Operating Model Based on Target Return and Risk Tolerance

Lowest Risk

  • Cash rent lease
  • Flex lease
  • Crop share
  • Custom farming
  • Direct operations

Highest Return Potential


Relative Importance of Current Yield and Capital Appreciation in Total Return

AEA offers a unique Direct Operations Asset Management structure in addition to traditional lease strategies. In the Direct Operations structure, the Investor has full financial interest and control in the farming operations and crop production. Execution of crop production operations is facilitated through Peoples Company's Direct Operations Platform.

Creating Opportunities for landowners

Emerging developments in farming technology and consumer preferences provide investors with opportunities to achieve premium returns by directly controlling farming operations. AEA accesses the Peoples Company direct operations asset management platform to assist well-suited investors with this opportunity.

Potential benefits for investors:

  • Higher asset returns

  • Direct control of sustainability and conservation-focused management practices

  • Control over crop production decisions that leverage market trends to increase profits

  • Financial protections through the federal crop insurance program

  • Access to crop disaster subsidies and/or government payments

Investor Profile

  • Opportunistic in responding to markets

  • Risk tolerance to pursue premium returns

  • Financial capacity to support crop production costs

  • Resources to support more complicated and extensive decision making

Comprehensive Investment Services

Portfolio Design

Portfolio Design

  • Production systems

  • Geography

  • Analytics

  • Deal sourcing strategies



  • Deal sourcing

  • Letter of Intent

  • Purchase & Sale Agreement negotiation

  • Closing execution



  • Financial modeling

  • Historical asset performance

  • Asset valuation

  • Network of domain experts

Business Planning

Business Planning

  • Net income optimization

  • Operational

  • Analysis

  • Revenue protection strategies

  • Sensitivities and scenarios

Farm Management

Farm Management

  • Annual asset business plan

  • Tenant identification and negotiation

  • Custom and direct operations

  • Asset performance and sustainability reporting



  • Digital and print marketing

  • Network engagement

  • Listing and auction services

  • Closing execution