AEA employs a five-pillar strategy to generate premium returns from farmland investments for its clients.


Active Management To Market Trends

AEA aligns asset selection and management with growing consumer preferences for transparent and sustainable food production. Farmland and crop production that exceed market standards and certification can deliver premium returns.


Adaptive Operating Models

AEA has developed an asset management platform that provides flexibility for maximizing returns within each investor’s risk tolerance. This platform includes a robust, nationwide network of leading farm operators; proprietary lease contracts with cash rent, flex cash rent, and crop share payment structures; direct operations support; and diligent use of federal crop insurance programs to mitigate risk.


Capital Appreciation Through Sustainable Management

AEA enrolls all managed acres into the Leading Harvest sustainability certification program. Achieving and maintaining this certification not only will drive farmland appreciation by improving long-term soil fertility and yields but also contribute to a more sustainable society.


National Scale Proprietary Deal Flow

AEA’s relationship with Peoples Company delivers a national network of land professionals providing local and regional market knowledge in all major U.S. agricultural regions to create a robust and unique pipeline of farmland acquisition opportunities.


Technology Implementation

AEA deploys a suite of technology solutions to support due diligence processes and asset management. These solutions lower costs, improve profitability, and help identify and resolve issues or even stop them before they occur. AEA and Peoples Company selectively make venture capital investments in or partner with, promising ag-tech companies to provide early-stage access to emerging technologies and data solutions.


In collaboration with Peoples Company, AEA is an inaugural founder of Leading Harvest, an industry leader in sustainability, created by and for all stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. Leading Harvest provides farmland investors assurance that their capital will generate sustainable financial returns and contribute to a more sustainable society.